Bringing a futuristic sound to the modern day.

Born Ronald Davis, LiveLikeDavis has been prepping for stardom for most of his life. Through his music and comedic videos on multiple social media platforms Davis's transition to becoming a serious recording artist was a natural progression. His song “Kylie Jenner Freak”, went viral, and set the stage for his success in the music arena. LiveLikeDavis doesn’t like to put his music in a genre or category, but describes his sound as “futuristic, yet subtle” a 3020 sound for the 2000s. When he first got into making music, Davis admits his sound was a bit more emo, as it reflected where he was emotionally at the time, as he was dealing with the crumbling of a less than stellar relationship. The change in energy has breathed new life into his music, which has also taken an upbeat turn. His music is less emo these days, with more witty and slick lined party anthems while never losing his heartfelt approach. While rapper Kanye West is a major influence on his style, Davis isn’t one to be pinned down to one inspiration creatively. When asked to summarize his style, he calls it music from the future, futuristic and subtle all at once. His futuristic sound caught the attention of producer Ness and artists such as A-Boogie among many others who reached out to him on IG. He frequently collaborates with producer duo Fastlife Beats, along with many others who always create quality production for Davis to flow too. Since then, his music has been reposted by rapper Cardi B, appeared on HBO’s Enchanted playlist, The Euphoria Playlist, and Lyrical Lemonade. In the Fall of ’19, Davis dropped his singles “Wocky,” and “Salad,” with the latter being featured on New York's iconic radio stations Hot97 & Power 105. The futuristic musician will bless 2020 with his 3020 sound when he drops his next mixtape and EP. Looking past the immediate future, Davis plans to have big moments, a wall full of plaques and above all in coming years be a staple in the music industry. 

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